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After the first year with our second baby boy, we decided we were done having kids. Our first was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and our second was a difficult eater, sleeper and every in between. However, at the ages of 39, we were blessed with a baby girl. 

We had given away all of our baby gear, had no clothes and had to start from scratch. I needed an easier and much simpler life. I wanted less stress, less chaos and less stuff! 

In college I majored in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, went to fashion design school, had a Maternity Clothing line & a line of purses and handbags.

Fast forward 17 years, I'm a tired mom that's getting by juggling life. Parenting is hard enough and I knew dressing my baby didn't have to be. With the skills I had, I figured I could change that. I thought of everything I would want out of baby clothes and put it all into one simple outfit, The Original Day to Night Romper

I needed something that would make my life easier.  I wanted my baby to have more comfortable clothes that fit her better and even more importantly, fit her longer!